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Executive Coaching

Sometimes it's hard to see

the forest for the trees -

especially if parts of it are on fire. 


Having an experienced CEO or VP to coach you through the strategic issues as well as the daily issues can be the difference between growing the business and just holding on. 

Business Meeting

Executive Coaching?

Whether a business is struggling to grow or struggling with its growth - the key people within the business eventually become challenged in their leadership and executive skill sets. 


The daily grind of putting out the latest fires or latest new challenge can distract most executives from effectively pursuing this important professional development for themselves and the company.   

Having an experienced expert coach help you grow in key skill sets, who knows leadership both from knowledge and experience is vital to successful executive coaching. 

Coaching From Experience

Having someone who has had experience in real world situations in a variety of senior roles from C-Level to VP as well as General Management and Supervisory roles can make the difference from theoretical to practical coaching. 

Stephen E. Wright has worked in and with Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB's) for over 25 years, as CEO, VP and GM helping people grow and develop as executives.   

"I heartily recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking for assistance in growing to the next level, whether it is for sales assistance, market growth, executive coaching, leadership development or assistance in company culture change. Stephen can help you achieve your goals and assist in helping you see and create a new vision for yourself and your organization." 

(Mark Rohlfing, Sales Director) 

Before any coaching starts each person goes through an evaluation process; good understanding builds a better coaching process and experience.  


This review includes a variety of profiling techniques including DISC, Passion Compass and Judgement Index. 

Following this each person meets one on one with their coach to discuss these reports and build a customized plan together for the coaching going forward.  

The Coaching Process

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