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Financial Management

Our objective in finance is to work with you to build a robust system and process run effectively by the right people.


This allows the you to view your key metrics, margins and profitability giving you what you need to make wise, timely & effective decisions in your business. 

Working with Financial Documents


We typically look to firstly evaluate the business financial systems, processes and people to develop the best in class going forward.  This involves:


  • Mapping out the financial system & process

  • Reviewing the key metrics 

  • Evaluating issues within the current system

  • Identifying new opportunities for savings, efficiency and productivity

  • Profiling jobs and staff

  • Identifying skill sets and training needs

  • Review all revenue sources and offerings

  • Determine the profitability of every one

  • Categorizing costs to coincide with revenue sources

All this results in a full finance report card for the business. 

The next phase of this process is building out a practical action plan to build a robust, efficient, accurate and predictable finance function.  


This plan typically will includes the following:


  • Monthly & Quarterly financial documentation, reporting & review

  • IT and Software concerns

  • Collection & Documentation of ratios and metrics

  • Recommendations on receivables, payables and administration

  • Listing & training of best practices 

  • Recruitment and staffing needs addressed

  • Testing specific solutions 

Practical Action Plan 

Implementation & Coaching

Implementation, based on our many, many years of experience with small to medium sized businesses is the value that you will experience.  This includes ideas, best practices as well as helping people adapt to change.


We walk side by side with you and your staff to make sure this part of the process passes through the inevitable hurdles and challenges, so that your business can function with the maximum growth, efficiency and profitability.  

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