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Continuous Improvement: Building a Change Responsive Culture


If your team is looking to improve their systems, products and processes naturally grow the business and thereby the efficiency and overall effectiveness of the company - then this is the place to start.  This series is designed to teach and train in a practical way the concepts of continuous improvement along with a practical application within your organization.   Each attendee will take a practical process within their control and make changes as a result of the learnings in this course.  They will need to present it to the group as part of their course completion and to receive their certificate.   

A Process

These are very interactive training sessions that can be customized for your company including the following information: 

  • Continuous Improvement of Culture and Systems

  • The 4 keys to improving a process for the short and long term

  • Why reactive problem solving can be your worst enemy

  • An easy to use step by step process system that helps you improve systems

  • 7 Key questions to get to the heart of an issue

  • How to get back 5 hours a week with efficient time management so you can focus on Continuous Improvement

  • Communication Skills for Changing Processes

Time Management

Without understanding the keys to time management most executives will not have the time needed to drive home continuous improvements with the organization. 

One of the biggest ways to gain efficiency, productivity and satisfaction among executives is mastering the art of time management. 

This key topic is included in this course to ensure that executives can apply what they learn with the time required.  

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