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Sales & Marketing Strategy

New View specializes in the development of revenue streams and re-inventing sales funnels.  This type of innovation often means investigating existing sales systems, processes, people and customers as well as evaluating existing and potential new products and services.

Business Presentation

Strategic Evaluation & Research

Strategically reviewing the sales strategy of the any business starts with the revenue streams now and those desired for the future.  This includes reviewing the existing sales systems, processes, people and customers as well as evaluating existing and potential new products and services.  This involves:


  • Mapping out the process as it stands including sales cycle length

  • Reviewing the quality and nature of existing customers

  • Evaluating issues as they relate to the sales funnel

  • Identifying new opportunities, brainstorming and outlining them

  • Defining the possible universe of new prospect groupings

  • Identifying skill sets and training needs

  • Gathering best practices for new client acquisition

  • Reviewing current sales and marketing to existing and new customers

  • Uncovering possible sales and marketing ideas

The next phase of this process is building out a plan that includes attracting new customers, growing existing customers and driving increased revenues and profitability.   

This plan typically includes the following:


  • Clear objective

  • Definition of new prospect customer groupings

  • Process for client acquisition 

  • Transition plan & Review of staffing needs

  • Suggested solutions to trial for existing issues

  • Plan timeline & expectations on sales ratios and metrics

  • Process for building out the prospect database

  • Customer acquisition process and marketing

  • Marketing ideas to trial

  • Best practices in new client acquisition

  • Training outlines & Recruitment outline if required

The Strategic Sales Plan takes into account the strategic thinking along with the expense and revenue numbers associated with the changes being made.  Unlike a Business Plan, this plan provides flexibility that will be required as the implementation takes inevitable twists and turns.   “What if” variables are evaluated knowing that we are moving into uncharted territory.  It also outlines a number of options that may or may not be pursued depending on the outcomes at each step of the plan.  Finally the plan has a specific timeline of what needs to be achieved as well as success measurements along the way. 

Plan Development

Implementation & Coaching

Achieving success in implementation, within any organization, is challenging.  The commitment to a new or even enhanced sales funnel can often be challenged by existing commitments to the core business or by those unwilling to accept change.  The dynamics of any team on this type of project will require encouragement, review, training, direction and support to achieve the desired results.

Each element of the plan will need attention including implementing the new sales process, marketing, staffing, training as well as reviewing it step by step to ensure it is progressing in the direction of increased revenues. 


New View is involved in the change management process as people buy in to the change required in understanding, thinking and activity.  This is a key area of coaching and training. 

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