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Colleagues in Hallway

Harnessing The Power Of Great Communication

Communicate Effectively

This interactive course for executives and staff from all areas of responsibility explores how to harness the power of great communication.  You will learn practical strategies that will reduce frustration, misunderstanding and lost time that comes from ineffective communication.   

Is Key

This course is very interactive and practical and can be customized to your company situation including the following information:

  • The 6 most common communication mistakes

  • One simple tool to communicate more effectively

  • The goal of Great communication and how to harness this power for yourself

  • How to communicate effectively with staff, your boss and every type of client

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Best practices for all types of communication today including staff and client emails, client reports, texting and phone calls

  • 3 Key Presentation skills that will win every time

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