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Sales Training

New View specializes in practical, customized and experiential sales training that works. 

Our desire is that you and your team become more and more successful in the fine art of great salesmanship.

Clapping Audience

Practical Selling Skills

Our sales training is practical, not only with the content but also with the methodology.  Knowing that everyone learns differently, we aim to provide the best learning environment that will be the right predictor for sales success.   Here are a few thoughts from our trainers: 

  • Know your sales process with clarity then practice, practice and practice some more.  You can’t manage a vagueness, you can manage a specific process and set people up for success.​

  • Make sure your sales people are on point with their presentation, have the ability to answer every objection well and be able to close the deal with the right customer.

  • Understand your best customer extremely well, and train all your sales staff to recognize them quickly. 

  • When sales people understand someone’s true motivation – the close comes naturally.

  • When training sales people, make sure you know their learning style and motivation.  This can dramatically affect retention and attention. 

Having trained sales people all over the world we have learned that customizing the sales training program is key for both the individuals involved as well as for the business.  Our staff provide personal sales training from real life experience with topics including:

  • Database development

  • Finding the right Prospects

  • Telephone Skills & Appointment Setting

  • Presentation Skills

  • Closing & Commitments

  • Creative Execution

  • Building a Lifetime Customer

  • Selling Strategy Toolbox

  • Time Management​

Personalized Training

Coaching for Success

The whole reason for training is so sales people can be more effective and successful.  Based on our experience of training thousands of sales people, we believe that experiential coaching is key.  

We work side by side with you and your staff to make sure all training is applied to each individuals actual daily practice in the fine art of great salesmanship.

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