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The WhiteRoom Experience

The WhiteRoom Experience is a practical hands on brainstorming session, facilitated by New View Innovation, which rapidly generates new ideas for business growth. 


Many stakeholders are surprised by the volume of ideas, and how they are unearthed as well as the simple techniques that allow them to contribute.   The experience is not just an ideas incubator, but these ideas are also critically evaluated and boiled down to the best. 

Why does your business need the WhiteRoom Experience?


  • Identify new product ideas and opportunities for the business

  • Generate a large number of ideas in short period of time

  • Refresh your existing products and services

  • Address production, marketing and customer satisfaction issues

  • Attack existing product problems with creativity

  • Develop new services

  • Explore brand new sectors of business

Many businesses spend their valuable time, energy and resources fighting fires or just keeping the status quo going.  Unfortunately for most companies today, the market has a way of moving faster today than ever before. 

Where is your product or service in its life cycle?  How many competitors are doing just what you are doing and driving margins down? 


Businesses need to be constantly

evaluating their business development, sales

and margins to determine if a course correction

is needed. 


Often this means thinking ahead about the next iterations of their products and services, or how they can move into a new market and create their own sector for increased revenue and profitability. 


Those businesses who create a new sub-sector, find incredible success and become the drivers of the market.  This creates value in multiple ways including increased revenues, profitability and customer connectivity.  It also opens up new customer groups while increasing staff motivation. This is what The WhiteRoom Experience is all about: 


The exploration of ideas, value, market and opportunity as it impacts your business sector


The outcome generated will be a large number of ideas for your current product offerings and business sector as well as potential new sectors.  These ideas will then be overviewed, evaluated and boiled down to the best possible innovations to be explored.   The WhiteRoom Experience is not only an eye opening experience for all who participate but also a practical first step in increased value creation for any company. 




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