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Stephen Eric Wright - CEO, New View
Business Growth Consultant & Executive Coach

Stephen Eric Wright has worked in and with Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB's) for over 25 years, helping them grow through a variety of strategies including innovating their sales processes, new marketing & product offerings, as well as providing sales and customer service training.  The SMB's that were successful in innovation became nimble market leading organizations.  Learning from these experiences along with the observation that many SMB's struggled to activate growth and innovation led Stephen to open an a Business Consulting Company to fully support SMB's in this critical area.

Stephen is also a seasoned strategic sales specialist. Stephen brings over 30 years of practical real-life experience in building, leading and managing sales teams as well as coaching CEO’s and managers through all the challenges of growing a vibrant profitable business.  

This experience includes growing an international sales training company, that partnered to generate over 100 Million a year in new revenues for sales teams in 300 markets & 4 languages around the world.  Stephen has also turned around struggling sales teams, built out new sales teams and merged diverse sales groups.  Most recently works in a strategic role helping small to medium sized businesses that are struggling with their growth or struggling to grow.      

"SMB's have a huge opportunity - they can innovate with agility where many larger organizations stumble.  Those who embrace this opportunity, will find their businesses operating in the ‘future-now’ with very profitable margins and enjoying every step of the journey."

Stephen has been married to Catherine over 30 years.  Their 3 children all live and work in Atlanta.  Stephen enjoys traveling with his wife to her home country of New Zealand, getting to know his three children afresh as adults, as well as serving in an advisory capacity to the non-profits such as Market Place Leaders (Os Hillman) and The Launch Pad Foundation (Kenny Hill).