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What is the future of your business?

“Things seem strange, business is odd at the moment.” 

“We have had the craziest 5 years ever!” 

“People are holding off making decisions …”

Are people saying things like this around you?  It’s easy to get drawn into what our staff, vendors, friends and customers think about the market today.  But as business owners and managers, we do think about the past, present and potential future of our businesses.   

Things might be going backwards. 

What is causing you the most issues?  Where are you losing market share?  What competitor is currently taking your customers one by one?  Who is offering something that is more attractive to them?  If no one is, then imagine the Business that arrives on the scene one day and takes all your customers!  What a terrible thought.  Actually, this might be the best thought you ever had.  Is this the business yours needs to become in the near future?

It might be as simple as changing your contract pricing, terms and what the contract for

service looks like.  I did this at one company I ran, and it was a significant game changer. 

These changes not only made the business more appealing to my customer base but also brought in more new business.  The business became more efficient, operations flowed more smoothly than it ever had, and profitability increased. 

For Bill (name changed) it was about completely redoing their main product, something they had failed to do in over 15 years.  Putting a team together we were able to design, build and launch a brand new highly innovative complex manufactured product within 9 months. 


You might be focused on the opportunities.

Everyone has ideas for your business.  Employees, Customers, Vendors – they can all give you ideas on how to make your business run faster, smarter and better.  But will it be better - really?  

Sometimes these are the worst ideas, and sometimes they are the best.  How do you know which ones to run with?   

Let me suggest one filter:  Values.  The people who buy the products and services you offer, they buy things that fulfill important needs they have and underneath these needs are value drivers. 

Take the construction space for example.  What dictates the design of the homes that are being built?  The workspaces and how these are planned?  Even how streets, turning lanes, parks and sidewalks are built?  Underneath all these are values, for example: 

Homes?  Easy care landscaping and smaller lots.

Offices?  Collaborative shared spaces. Bright and Light. 

Streets?  Easier flow of traffic, more sidewalks and fun parks.

These are all changes that are being driven by the value of wellbeing and this is only scratching the surface. 

What are the changing values for your industry?  If you are interested in evaluating the values of your end consumers and what this might mean for your business, let’s talk further!

This is just one part of the Advance Business Growth System I have developed to help businesses take the next step in their growth.

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Stephen Wright

New View Innovation


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