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The Game is Changing

Business has been changing since the beginning of time.  Take the building business for example.  It dates well before the Pyramids.  How did they form, move and then put those big blocks of stone together so well?  I remember as a child walking through some ruins that were around 2,000 BC and they had built an intricate series of covered drains that served as clean and dirty water funnels for the city. 

Innovation has long been part of any industry.  Those businesses that keep innovating their business in some way are the ones that stay ahead of the curve.  Otherwise, the curve catches up to you and before you know it your business model is no longer relevant. 

The Cycle of Business

If you are competing on price and getting beaten up by your competitors – this is what is happening.  Your model has become similar to others and is starting to lose market dominance.     

First you launch an innovative product or service that people love.  Then you add a few more.  Before you know it, others are doing the same thing at lower prices and increased service.  You notice that companies like Chick-fil-A who keep the drive through line moving fast are continuing to innovate what they do, what they offer and how they do it.  They are not waiting for the competitors to catch up. 


What is your game changer? 

What is the thing that will make your business stand out from others like the Pyramids?  Well …  how about being that business in the Southeast that people talk about and exclaim; “Wow they do things like this ….  It’s amazing.”

What if your business went from becoming a strong competitor to becoming the primary choice in the market?  How does this happen?


Start with a Problem

Building your business game changer often starts with a problem your customer is experiencing.  This problem can often be turned on its head in such a way that your business becomes the primary choice in the market. 

John (name changed) changed the way trash was being picked up at building sites because he noticed that other contractors were struggling with getting onto the site with the huge dumpsters in the way.   

What problems are your customers experiencing that could lead you to the game changer that your business needs?  You probably already have an idea of what this might be.  But, having everyone walk through the process of brainstorming, evaluating and planning is one of the keys to success in this area.  This is just one part of the Advance Business Growth System I have developed to help businesses take the next step in their growth.


Stephen Wright

New View Innovation                                         




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