Sales & Innovation Seminars

4 Keys to Sales Success for 2016


This interactive presentation for CEO’s, business owners and executives explores the change in the sales environment over the last few years and what this means for businesses and sales organizations going forward.  Combined with this Stephen Wright discusses 4 Key Strategies for Sales Success every business person needs to review to significantly increase their top line in 2016.  Typically these are very interactive sessions including the following takeaways:

  • One simple tool to evaluate and grow sales

  • 3 Sales tips to drive increased sales rep performance in 45 days

  • 4 Key sales strategies that will drive sales for your business in 2016

  • How your sales style is affecting your business

  • How your sales engine can become twice as efficient


Stephen brings a practical real life approach to the topic of sales with a wealth of experience running many sales organizations over the years including an international sales training company operating in 300 markets around the world. 


The Innovation Explosion

This popular presentation for business owners explores the impact of the current innovation explosion on a local business.  Combined with this Stephen Wright discusses 3 Key Innovation Strategies every business owner should know to create a substantial future for their business. Typically these are very interactive sessions including the following information:


  • The 6 most common innovation processes that get broken

  • The power of creating a new subsector for a business

  • Why Small to Medium sized businesses are better at innovation

  • One simple tool to access innovative ideas within a company

  • How to build a product with a 50% higher profitability than you currently have

  • One simple tool that anyone can use to generate new ideas for issues, areas that need improvement as well as new ideas for products or services.


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"We’re a hard group to please in that we are always looking for hard hitting information and advice that will directly impact the success of our businesses. Your presentation definitely delivered on that. In my 15 years of operating The Brain Trust, we have now seen over 175 speakers. Your presentation on Innovation was easily in our top 5 presentations of all time, especially as it relates to the impact on future success. I would recommend you and your services to be what is truly needed if a company wants to create real, substantial future value for the business. Innovation is at the core of differentiating your company and creating opportunities for better win rates, significant growth and better margins.


Tom Cramer, Founder & Co-Chairman

The Brain Trust

Atlanta, GA

Innovation Stage 1 Seminar

This is a practical seminar for managers and staff who want to solve a specific issue and learn the first stage of the innovation process at the same time.  Individuals or work teams attend this 4 hour seminar and spend time together with others brainstorming solutions to problems and opportunities they have within their business. 


Through this process they learn 3 specific ways they can generate new ideas as well as how to take the next step in evaluating these ideas.  This practical seminar will give all attendees a solid framework for solving problems and finding solutions to new opportunities in an innovative way. 



"Stephen has consistently demonstrated an ability to identify new areas of innovation in all aspects of business, not only inventing new products and services but challenging the paradigm that brings those products and services to market; initiating the new processes necessary to achieve maximum traction, drive revenues and ensure growth." 


Fiona Charlesworth

Global Product Development Manager

NRS Media


Opportunity Execution Results


We believe in helping our clients see, take hold and execute on the opportunities in their industry sector and business so they can thrive.

We bring an intense focus to every part of the business regardless of the many challenges that growth and change naturally cause, so that not only the business grows, but the people grow with it.  


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