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The Innovation Quiz


Many business owners are fearful of innovation because it has gone wrong in the past, took too long or did not work out. 

Knowing the steps of the innovation process and where your business is doing well vs where it tends to cut corners or simply skip a step are critical things for any business owner to know.

Simply take the Quiz below to find out how your business is doing in the area of innovation.  This will get you started on the road to taking your business, product or service to the next level!

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"The top six reasons why innovation fails and what you can do about it"


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Innovate for Success!  Send for the white paper now and find out:


  • What the root causes of most innovation failure is

  • How to overcome failure and create a culture of success

  • How the consumer can help your innovation process


We will also send you a free copy of The Innovation Process - so you can quickly see where your gaps and opportunities are as you innovate. 


Why do successful businesses Innovate?

  • They build very profitable new revenue streams for the future to grow and protect their business

  • They can create a new sub sector for their business that is more profitable

  • They realize their competition probably is or will be!

  • Their customers expect new products and services

  • They realize that Innovation builds a companies value

Let's Talk:  Effective Innovation

Without an complete dedication to the innovation process it simply will not happen.  This is all we do an New View Innovation.  Most of our clients are too busy to innovate, and prefer to keep their focus on their successful businesses.  They use New View Innovation as their innovation partner ensuring that this work gets done.  We work with the process from start to finish, seeing it right through from ideas to launch - driving the process the whole way. 


"Stephen's detailed knowledge ... is an asset to any entity that makes the investment in him and his firm. His no-nonsense and common sense approach to providing another view of your business model is worth every penny. I consider Stephen to be the gold standard of consulting."


John Hetzler (President; Round the Roundhouse )

We are all about the end result and ensuring that the project gets to market.  We know that there will be many twists and turns, but we have the experience and commitment to get to the finish line. 


"In my past military experience, when faced with a difficult task or problem, the mantra was always: Analyze, Improvise, Adapt & Overcome. Stephen Wright could have written the field manual for that process. His gifted creative vision allows him to instantly access effective solution options, turn a defeat into a win, and leave one wondering how did he do that? If you're looking to enlist the services of Stephen Wright, please show strong consideration because in my 40 year personal history in sales/marketing, Stephen Wright ranks among the very best of the best."


Rod Atteberry (Owner; MTM)

Let's Talk:  Impact Performance

Let's Talk: 

Why do


use New View Innovation?

Many companies are looking to take their business to the next level but find that many things stand in their way to effectively innovate including: 


  • Their best people are too busy to get it done

  • They need to stay focused on their existing business

  • They rely on our experience to get it done with speed, on time and on budget

  • They are looking for a company who can help them see the project through from start to finish

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