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"My Experience"

"Stephen Wright and his company has lead the way for the improved path my company is on. Through identifying key fatal flaws, then building and executing a plan to around these, we are now experiencing our highest level of profitability in the 23 years I have been in business.

Jorge Andrade


Rayon Bins & Andrades Clean Up 

Business & Executive


Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees - especially if parts of it are on fire.  Having an experienced CEO, COO, SVP to coach you through the strategic issues as well as the daily issues can be the difference between growing the business and just holding on. 


Stephen Wright has had experience in not only coaching business owners but also running businesses.  He has worked in and with Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB's) for over 25 years, helping them innovate their sales, marketing, product offerings, customer service and training.  The SMB's that were successful in innovation became nimble market leading organizations.  Learning from these experiences along with the observation that many SMB's struggled to activate innovation led Stephen to open an Innovation Business Agency to fully support SMB's in this critical area. 


"SMB's have a huge opportunity - they can innovate with agility where many larger organizations stumble.  Those who embrace this opportunity, will find their businesses operating and growing with very profitable margins and enjoying every step of the journey."  


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