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Time Management   Challenge:  

How to get your life back & 5-10 hours a week  

Practical Time Management For Busy Executives

This course tackles the art of time management with a practical application in a way to get your life back and up to 10 hours a week

One of the biggest ways to gain efficiency, productivity and satisfaction among executives is mastering the art of time management. 


This course offers a bold challenge along with the tools, insight and coaching to achieve spectacular results. 

Practical Processes

This class is very practical and can be customized to your company situation including the following information:

  • A practical process to see where you are missing the mark in your own time management

  • How to get information in the right place for the right time

  • How to manage all types of time absorbing information

  • 5 Keys to Clarify and Organize your tasks, projects and appointments